Solar House Numbers

With solar house numbers, you can instantly add value and beauty to your home. Using nothing more (or less) than the rays of the sun to power the lighting, these numbers will be every bit as legible and visible at nighttime as they are in the day. This improves security for yourself and your neighbors, ensures that after-dark visitors and delivery drivers can locate your house, and – most importantly – makes your address stand out for emergency responders. Solar lights require very little maintenance and last much longer than traditional electric lights in most cases. If you’re looking for an affordable and classy address display, our solar house numbers make a great solution.


Energy Efficient

While most homeowners are interested in doing their part to protect the environment, you don’t have to be an activist to find much to love about solar technology. If you pay the light bill every month, you will be intrigued by any product that promises not to add any additional burden to your bottom line. This is particularly true when it comes to outdoor lighting, which often gets accidentally left on for many of the daytime hours as well. This is wasteful and expensive. More than that – it’s unnecessary. With solar house numbers, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional lighting solution while keeping the energy off the grid. It’s a win for the environment, and it’s a win for you!

Light Up Your Address

Our lighted house numbers have been a consistent favorite here at Buy House Numbers, just as they are a trending product across the industry. The reasons are varied – each homeowner will weigh the benefits differently – but there’s no denying the popularity. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find an elegant lighting solution that is also affordable and easily installed. That’s where the biggest benefits of solar house numbers come in. By going this route for your lighting needs, you’ll save money, have a product that works completely independently, and be able to enjoy your lighted numbers for many years.

Choose Your Best Look

Your address is completely unique; shouldn’t your display reflect the same level of individuality? You can install a beautiful, eye-catching address display without veering into tacky approaches. As you browse our solar house numbers, we think you’ll agree that there is still much to choose from in terms of style, design, and font. We’ve built this site with the intention of giving every customer a full breadth of choice on as many aspects of our products as possible. That’s what makes home improvement so fun! It’s not just a way to beautify your house; it’s an expression of yourself. We’re confident you will find the right solar house numbers here to help you do just that.


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