Installing house numbers is a breeze with our easy installation patterns. Simple as drill where it says drill, fill the holes with 100% pure silicone and then slide in the letters.

Step 1: Tape the pattern to the wall using blue painters tape. Make sure to use a level and position the pattern so your house numbers are perfectly straight.

Step 2: Drill where the X marks are on the installation pattern. Use a drill bit slightly larger then the studs that are provided and drill into the wall. Remove the pattern and you are left with perfect hole locations.

Step 3: Fill the holes with 100% pure silicone and then slide in the letters. We use some blue painters tape from the face of the letters to the wall and let it sit for a couple hours to make sure they stay tight to the wall while the silicone dries.


Welcome to Buy House Numbers, where you’ll find a wealth of products and resources to bring together the perfect exterior vision for your home. Often overlooked, specialized address numbers are an essential ingredient when it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal while maintaining practicality. In an interview with the Washington Post, design expert Glenn Milano said, “You can put a mindless number up there to get the job done. But you are missing a great opportunity to do something beautiful and interesting.” Don’t miss out on maximum value! Make a wonderful first impression with a selection from Buy House Numbers.

The Importance of Beautiful House Numbers

This may never have crossed your mind, but your address is likely the only typography found on the exterior of your home. Inevitably, these numbers will draw attention from anyone seeing your house for the first time, even if only subconsciously. Putting extra effort and focus into choosing these numbers can ensure that they enhance – rather than spoil – the external beauty you’re after. If you’ve done an adequate job, the numbers will blend seamlessly into their surroundings to form a coherent picture. If you’ve done a great job, onlookers will be mesmerized by your selection. Use our site to find house numbers that put that final perfect polish on your exterior vision.

A Little Bit About Us

Buy House Numbers is the culmination of a project that has brought together experts in design, sign manufacturing, and high-quality online retail service. We can’t express how excited we are to bring our collective years of experience to bear on a venture that is near and dear to our hearts. Too often these days, home embellishments are neglected in favor of a utilitarian approach that sacrifices beauty for unimaginative plainness. It is a point of pride for us to engage fully in our passion: To provide gorgeous and affordable alternatives to the plain, cheap, and ugly. Please browse our site for innumerable examples of our work!

Precision-Crafted Quality

If there is a single word that governs our manufacturing, it is this: Quality. Our goal is to make sure that every customer gets a finished product that meets or exceeds their expectations. From beginning to end, this is the mission. It means we choose only the finest materials, use only the cleanest and most effective cutting process, and double-check every order for errors. Additionally, we are staffed with customer service experts ready to handle your questions, special requests, and anything else that may arise. If you’re tired of being burned by unprofessional online retailers, you’ll have an entirely different experience at Buy House Numbers!

No-Hassle Installation

The house numbers we have on offer are not only designed to stand unaffected by the elements for years, they are sold with the customer’s ease of use firmly in mind. Our house numbers are thus crafted with attention towards simple installation, making it easy for every homeowner to put them up in only a few minutes. If you have any questions or concerns about installing your house numbers, feel free to contact our experts for assistance.

Architectural Variety

With the products you find here on our site, you’ll create an exterior look that will leave your neighbors green with envy. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, you’ll be making a (very modest) investment in your home that will pay dividends when the offers come rolling in. If you are planning to stay in your home for many years to come, you’ll be investing in a high-quality decorative accent that will stand the test of time. Your only decision: Choosing among the many styles of house numbers we have on hand! And, though we don’t mean to overwhelm you – when you shop at Buy House Numbers, there are a great many styles to choose from:

Modern House Numbers – With clean, architecturally enticing lines and an eye toward contemporary aesthetics, our modern house numbers are guaranteed to add glamour and class to even the most style-forward home. These address numbers shine under the sun, grab attention in person, and show up wonderfully in photos. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge approach to exterior design, these are the products you’ll want to browse.

Mid-Century House Numbers – Not everyone is interested in the hottest trends in contemporary design. Indeed, it is sometimes with an eye to the past that we find just the right flavor for our house numbers. If you are looking for a unique option to complement a historic home or you want to juxtapose your modern architecture with a taste of yesteryear, our midcentury house numbers will be your best bet. Traditional and historically accurate, these products are highly cherished.

Lighted House Numbers – If there’s a drawback to many address displays, it’s that they can be very difficult to make out once the sun goes down. Not only does this detract from the beauty of your purchase, it may make it more difficult for delivery drivers, guests, and first-responders to locate your home. After all, your address isn’t only about looks; it serves an important practical function. With lighted house numbers, you’ll add photogenic beauty to your home while doubling your address’s visibility.

Signs and Plaques – House numbers come in many different styles and contexts. We specialize in both individual numbers and plaques that bring even more attention to the address. These are just as easy to install as our individual numbers, and they can impart an unexpected dimension that will easily elevate the exterior drama of your home. If you want your address numbers to become a focal point for onlookers, this option is worth considering.

All of this and more, you’ll only find right here at Buy House Numbers. We pride ourselves on customer service, so if you have any questions about our inventory (or anything else), please get in touch with us – we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand! Until then, we encourage you to browse the site: You may just find the house numbers you’ve been looking for.