Backlit House Numbers

When we started this site, we knew that backlit house numbers would be among our most popular products. What we didn’t anticipate was just how enormous the demand would be for lighted address displays when compared to unlit solutions. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been surprised. Backlit house numbers offer so many advantages that it would be a wonder if they didn’t appeal to a broad swath of homeowners. From increased visibility to better security to stunning elegance, these products cover all of the bases. If you’re tired of your drab and boring address display, you can take your home’s beauty to the next level with backlit house numbers.

Better Visibility

The whole point of an address display is to…put your address on display. That simple mission is compromised when your numbers are too small, too faded, or the conditions outside aren’t bright enough to illuminate them. In many scenarios, that latter problem is the case for most of the night. Outdoor lighting can sometimes remedy the situation, but this is a cumbersome solution. Under some HOAs, it may not even be permissible. Why not combine your address display with a lighting solution that comes as part of the package? That’s what you’ll get when you shop our collection of backlit house numbers: Convenience, style, and 24-hour address visibility.

Enhanced Style

We’ll be frank: There are a lot of ugly ways to go about lighting an address display. Chances are that you can prove this to yourself with a drive around your neighborhood. While functionality is the primary goal when it comes to house numbers, we never wanted to build a site that ignored style in favor of practicality. We were confident that we could sell only products that met both requirements, and that goal is met with these backlit house numbers. Combined with the right design, these numbers would look great on a beach condo, a lakeside cottage, or a high-rise apartment.

Boost your Curb Appeal

Whether you’re putting your home on the market imminently or not, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on curb appeal when making improvements. You never know when you might see an opportunity to sell, and you want your house to be in prime selling condition if that day ever comes. Even beyond improving resale value, though, it’s a huge psychological boost when you come around the corner, see your home and its improvements in a new light, and feel that swell of pride. We know without question that you’ll experience this satisfaction when you install our backlit house numbers. And if you are planning to sell, keep in mind that these address displays show up wonderfully in photos – you’ll have to fight off the offers!


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