Brass House Numbers

For hundreds of years, brass has played an essential role in architecture and home fixtures. While many may initially think of trumpets and decorative jewelry when they hear the word, the truth is that this metal alloy is a prominent material of choice for homeowners looking to upgrade. You’ll find it used to make doorknobs, kitchen handles, and other indoor applications, but it can also be used to great effect on the exterior of the home. For instance, when used in the creation of an address display, brass house numbers give off the compelling aura of gold without the inherent problems in a soft metal. That makes these numbers cherished in the real estate market. If you’re thinking of upgrading your exterior address display, you can make a real impact when you use brass.

The Timeless Elegance of Brass

When you use brass house numbers, you’re tapping into an architectural tradition centuries in the making. We’re not here to convince you there’s something more “noble” or classy about using an enduring metal that has its origins in our earliest history. We sell and enjoy house numbers made from state-of-the-art, synthetic materials just as much as anyone. But there is something timeless about a metal that has been in use since the days of ancient Egypt. If you can strike the right balance between forward-thinking displays and the made-to-last-forever craftsmanship of yesteryear, you’ll have an exterior display that covers all the bases. We think these brass house numbers do the job magnificently.

Uncompromising Durability

What makes brass a tried-and-true metal? Its classic beauty notwithstanding, it is also one of the most versatile and durable materials in the industry. Brass is especially effective when staving off the effects of the sun and the weather, allowing it to retain its original luster for many years – even in the absence of dedicated maintenance! Isn’t this what every homeowner wants when choosing a product? Isn’t it frustrating for a purchase to look fantastic out of the box, only to fade and deteriorate over time? We not only want our customers to be satisfied on the day of purchase, we want them to look fondly at their house numbers years later and feel a sense of pride. With these brass house numbers, longevity is a given.

Plenty of Variety

If you think for a moment that narrowing your options down to brass house numbers somehow puts excessive limitations on your freedom of choice – think again! We’ve taken great care to outfit each section of Buy House Numbers with as many styles, selections, and design options as we can. We know that expressing your individuality is part of the joy when upgrading your exterior elements, and that’s why we’ve preserved as many customized options as possible. Please browse our virtual shelves; we’re confident that you’ll find brass house numbers you can fall in love with.


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