Light Up House Numbers

When you think of illuminated typography, your mind might go to swanky Miami clubs or posh metropolitan office buildings. The truth, however, is that even residential homeowners can benefit from light up house numbers. Unless you’re fancy enough to live in a home that you’ve named, chances are your address display will be the sole use of typography on your house. That makes it an attention-getter, even if you’ve cut your address numbers out of cardboard. Because people will naturally notice your address, you might as well make it a complement to your overall design and a boost to your home’s curb appeal. With light up house numbers, that mission is easier than ever!

Make an Excellent First Impression

Whether you live in an uptown apartment complex or a stately ranch house at the end of a suburban cul-de-sac, you always want your home to look its best. This effort may include everything from exterior improvements to landscaping. What is the point of all of this work and investment? Well, there are many reasons to take pride in the appearance of your home, but even if you’re the type who “doesn’t care what others think,” you’ll feel better when you can look at your house and feel good about what you see. Sometimes it only takes one big, stylish statement to make all of the impact you need. Light up house numbers are a fantastic way to make a first impression worth remembering.

An Affordable Upgrade

The unfortunate thing about home improvements is that they are often expensive – prohibitively so for those on a strict budget. This is why so many homeowners cut corners and end up with a finished product well below their standards. This is a frustrating place for a homeowner to be, especially if they plan on staying in the house for a long time. Aren’t there any upgrades that won’t break the bank? We’re so glad you asked! Our light up house numbers are priced affordably, letting even those with a tighter budget enjoy the benefits of an awesome upgrade. We’re committed to savings here at Buy House Numbers, and we offer everyday low pricing as a matter of course. Don’t miss out on the best deals available – get yours today!

Better Security

A recent urban study showed that merely introducing artificial lighting into a dark area of town had an incredible impact on crime. These lights reduced crime rates by 39% in just a few months, proving what security experts have been saying for decades. The exciting thing is that this lighting doesn’t have to be “security” focused to have an effect. Even accent lights and illuminated signs can deter criminals who prefer to work under cover of shadow. All of this to say that light up house numbers can bring increased safety to your residence and your community as a whole. When you consider their low cost, aesthetic benefits, and deterrent effect, it’s no wonder that these have become some of our most popular products.


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