Metal House Numbers

Owing to their unbelievable durability, stylish options, and relatively maintenance-free properties, Metal House Numbers are among the most popular products on our site. There are several reasons to prefer metal when shopping for your house numbers, and judging by the customers who frequent Buy House Numbers, those reasons are powerful indeed. If you’re thinking about upgrading your address display, you could certainly find worse options. Even within the broader category of “metal house numbers,” you’ll have enormous room to explore. From brass to bronze, stainless steel to copper, you’ll have plenty of creative space at your disposal. Jump right in!


By far the most compelling reason to opt for Metal House Numbers is their enhanced durability. We source all of our metal from U.S.-based firms that provide the kind of affordable quality that matches our retail mission. With this information in mind, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’ll not only get a product that is attractive and exceptional out of the box, but that will stand the test of time. Our products are specially designed to resist rust, retain beauty after years in the sun, and withstand the elements. These are the properties you need to feel comfortable when making a lasting investment in the aesthetics of your home, and we’re proud that our products pass the test.


Long gone are the days when metal products were used exclusively for their functionality and toughness. You don’t even have to see our Metal House Numbers in person to appreciate their style and on-trend beauty. That said, these numbers really come to life when you see them in their ideal setting: Perfectly matched to the home’s exterior aesthetic, displayed in a prominent location, and sparkling in the sun’s morning rays. If you want to make a splash with your address numbers, this is the way forward. No matter your particular taste in terms of color and design, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our Metal House Numbers category.

Increased Prominence

The problem with many address displays is that they are too small or made from designs that make them difficult to discern from the road. While size will be a choice you’ll have to make based on placement, distance from the street, and other factors, you at least want to choose a style that will stand out from the walls of your home, exterior fence, or mailbox. We find that Metal House Numbers are often the best choice for homeowners who are concerned with prominence and visibility. These numbers reflect in the sun (and artificial light), making them easier to see in otherwise challenging conditions.



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