Vertical House Numbers

Did you know that vertical house numbers offer a few advantages over other forms of address display? While every homeowner should choose the address orientation that best meets their needs, you may find that your options are limited due to space, architecture, or local regulations. Perhaps this opens the door to orienting your numbers in a unique and eye-catching way. We’ve found that limitations are a crucial factor in producing extraordinary design work. So if you are looking at vertical house numbers because they’re your last option, take heart: You can create a magical display that will have your neighbors green with envy.

The Importance of Arrangement

It may seem that horizontal house numbers make the most sense, as people assume that any typography should be read left to right. But while it’s true that left-to-right orientation is the “default” option for the human brain, this isn’t always a good thing. By arranging your house numbers vertically, you’re forcing observers to take a second glance. If you want an address display that will actually attract attention, this is a great way to do so. It can also help prevent mistakes, such as your latest Amazon delivery going to your neighbor down the road! Give vertical house numbers a try if you want your address display to be a stylish focal point.

Unique and Eye-Catching Presentation

The other benefit of vertical house numbers is that you’re going against the grain in a subtle, understated, and powerful way. Often, the best way to move your style forward is to take an existing presentation and put a slight twist on it. This avoids the hazard of putting up an address display that is gaudy or inappropriate while still ensuring that your display isn’t just like everyone else’s. These little alterations can make an enormous impact – even if it’s mainly on a subconscious level. Of course, vertical house numbers can also be used to great effect, situationally. For instance, if the best place for your numbers happens to be a mailbox post or a column outside your home, arranging them vertically may be your only option.

Many Styles to Choose From

The great thing about our numbers is that you will never be limited in terms of style, design, or material. Whether you’re interested primarily in vertical house numbers, horizontal displays, or address plaques, you’ll find plenty of options within each category. Choose among wooden numbers, ceramic numbers, brass displays, backlit numbers, and more! The only essential ingredient is that the numbers are visible from the street, which is easy enough to figure out before buying. If you have any questions about how to size your products or want advice on which design to choose, feel free to contact our customer service department; we’re standing by with all the answers you need. Thanks for stopping by, and please enjoy your vertical house numbers!


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